Cheerlot Nová Jamina

 Date of Birth: 
 SÚCHNO 61815/10, SZ 9166672 
 BH, IPO 1 
 Körkl. 1a 
 fast normal 
 "a" normal 
 DNA gpr. 
 Jarmila Huľová 
 Hamuljakova 141/21 
 02901 Námestovo 
 phone: +421 911 796 633 
 Milan Huľo 
 Hamuljakova 141/21  
 02901 Námestovo 
 phone: +421 910 796 633 
 Ursus von Batu / 4 - 4 / 

Big, strong, typical and expressive, very good head, high withers, firm straight back, croup should be slightly longer, balanced chest proportions, straight front, straight tread, very good running movement.

BSZ AUT 2011, Edgar Pertl,  AUT


Large medium strong, expressive, well pigmented bitch with real high-aspect ratio. Strong head, high withers, firm, straight back, good location and length of the croup, good front, the back very well bent, normal chest proportions, correct front. Is easily hocked that bitch shows very dynamic movementwith powerful Naschsub and free precedence. TSB: pronounced.


Kormeister: Lutz Wischalla,  DEU


Large, medium strong, very good physique, strong and distinctive, high withers, very good bearing crosses, balanced chest proportions, straight front, very good angulation of the thoracic and pelvic limbs, stiff back, back a little closer, freedom of movement and significant shift.

SHZ HUN 2013, referee Joachim Stiegler, DEU

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