Ornela Nová Jamina

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 Date of Birth: 
 SÚCHNO 68628/13, SZ 9181326 
 BH, IPO 1 
 WA - Lbz. 
 fast normal 
 "a" normal 
 DNA gpr. 
 Jarmila Huľová 
 Hamuljakova 141/21 
 02901 Námestovo 
 phone: +421 911 79 66 33 
 e-mail: milanhulo@orava.sk 
 Milan Huľo 
 Hamuljakova 141/21 
 02901 Námestovo 
 phone: +421 910 79 66 33 
 e-mail: milanhulo@orava.sk 
 Quenn vom Löher Weg 4 - 4 
 Zamp vom Thermodos 5 - 4 

Upper size limit, powerful and substantial, very good type and expression, very good head with dark eyes, very good withers, firm back, very good, pronounced croup. Good fore and hindquarters angulation, balanced chest, straight front. Very good, space-creating corridors with free passage and strong supplies. Essence sure, TSB pronounced. Type and expressive bitch. Notable for its very good work facilities.

Rating Commissioner: Franz-Peter Knaul DEU.

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