Oliver Nová Jamina

 Date of Birth: 
 SUCHNO 68622/13, SZ 9181986 
 BH, IPO 1 
 WA - Lbz. 
 "a" normal 
 "a" normal 
 DNA gpr. 
 Izsák Zoltán 
 Obchodná 741 
 94137 Strekov  
 Milan Huľo 
 Hamuljakova 141/21 
 02901 Námestovo 
 phone: +421 910 79 66 33 
 e-mail: milanhulo@orava.sk 
 Quenn vom Löher Weg 4 - 4 
 Zamp vom Thermodos 5 - 4 

Large, medium-bodied, full of type and expression, very well pigmented. Good head, although the eye should be a little darker. High withers, firm back, the croup should be longer, good fore and rear angulations, normal chest proportions, straight front, very good, space-creating gaits. Essence sure, TSB pronounced.

Rating Commissioner: Helmut Wehinger AUT.

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