Baisha Nová Jamina

 Date of Birth: 
 SÚCHNO 78666/19 
 BH, IGP1 
 fast normal 
 DNA gpr. 
 Jarmila Huľová 
 Hamuljakova 141/21 
 02901 Námestovo 
 phone: +421 911 796 633 
 Milan Huľo 
 Hamuljakova 141/21 
 02901 Námestovo 
 phone: +421 910 79 66 33 
 Zamp vom Thermodos /4,5 - 5/ 
 Quenn vom Loher Weg /5 - 5,5,5/ 

Medium in size, medium strength, substantial, very good building conditions. Expressive head, pronounced withers, straight, firm back, well positioned croup, correct breasts, straight front, correct angulations. Straight at the front, a little tight at the back, powerful, far-reaching gait. Correctly built, happy to run breeding dog. Essence sure, TSB pronounced.

Kormeister: Joachim Stiegler, SV.

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